Sun City Showcase



62.5% of senior showcase participant have gone on to play on college rosters.

Providing unbiased assessments of our participants performance to achieve the best level of success.

Providing an avenue for student athletes to showcase their skills to college coaches on a local, regional, and national level by leveraging technology to our advantage thorough video live streaming and video teleconferencing.

Student Athlete Promotions at an affordable rate. Done with integrity and unapologetic in our approach.

From the beginning our goal has been and will always be to provide quality events student athletes while not breaking the bank for parents / guardians. In doing so, we will never compromise our integrity of ourselves, our clients, or the recruiting process. Providing a stage for student athletes to showcase their talents is and will always be our goal.

  • Honesty
  • Trusting the process
  • Unbiased assessments
  • Always telling our clients what they need to hear and not what they want to hear
  • Helping student athletes at alllevels
  • 6th through12th Grades

Girls' Top150 Showcase


Come and experience an exposure event unlike the rest.

Top 150 Showcase: 2020 marks our 5th year hosting the Top 150 Showcases.  Over this time, we have brought together players from across the state of Texas and look to expand the talent pool for our 2020 edition.  

Who will be crowned "Top Gun" in 2020?

Here's why:

We put together an unprecdent amount of perks for our participants.  Starting with college visits on local campuses to our "College Coaches Video Roundtable with college coache from across the country.  Couple that with firts rate facilities, outstanding staff, college coaches viewing both live and via our video live stream, if you can play; the coaches will see you.  Over the last 4-years, every senior from our events have been contact by college coaches about continuing to play at the next level.

College Promotions

Through our video live streaming, be seen by college coaches from across the country.  Average event viewing has been over 4,500 views.  With invites going out to over 250+ college coaches.

Player Evaluations / Rankings

Understand where you are beginning is the first step in knowing how to get to where you want to be.  Our showcase provides player rankings and evaluations that shows you where you stand amongst your peers in the age/grade.

College Workshops

Knowing is half the battle.  Understanding the college recruiting process and all of the rules and regulations of the NCAA, NAIA, and other athletic associations is the difference in being in the game and watching from the sideline.

Our Exposure Event

Come be a part of our exposure experience

Skills Showcase

Come and show off all the hardwork and sacrifices you have made during skills challenge and 3-point contests.

Talk to College Coaches

Our video teleconference allows us to have college coaches from across the country speak to event participants directly.

Expert Help

Our partners have developed programs for student athletes encompassing player assessments, marketing, promotions, and academic readiness for college.

Nationwide Exposure

Through video livestreaming, we are able to place our event participants right in front of college coaches (250+ invited)

Recruiting Workshops and Seminars

Providing college workshops and seminars parents. Helping them to better understand the recruiting process.

Showcase Games

Being ranked as the best of the best! Our showcase game pits the top 40 players against each other to prove on the court who the best is.

Game Live Stream