Sun City Showcase

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Pertainent Event Information.

Girls' Top150 Showcase


Come and experience an exposure event unlike the rest.

The Girls’ Top 150 Showcase will allow participants the opportunity to showcase their abilities to college programs from across the country via video live streaming, while competing against the best talent available. Additionally, (if it fits the college’s schedule) participants will have the opportunity to go through a campus visit at a local Georgetown, TX college/university. 
During the campus visits, participants and their parents will have the opportunity to talk to the admissions staff, go on a campus visit, and talk to the athletics department staff (11th and 12th graders only).

The opportunity to participate in this event is a privilege that student athletes have earned through their hard work and dedication. Our goal with this event is to showcase the best talent that we have to offer for the country to see.

Video Live Stream

* Stream made available to every college program in America

* Unsigned Senior Exposure

* Nationwide Exposure


* Players will be allowed to showcase individual skills through 3-point contest, and skills challenge

* Individuals will be placed on teams for games in front of college coaches

* Top 60 players will play in Showcase games and names provided to college coaches

* Most Outstanding Performers will be named "Texas Top Guns"

Website and Database Exposure

* Each participant will have the opportunity to sign-up for college prep and mentorship services, marketing and promotional full database exposure, and student resumes sent out to athlete’s colleges of choice

Timeline of Events:


- 9:00 am College Visit / Campus Tour

- 2:30 pm End College Visit / Campus Tour - 5:00 pm Student Athlete Registration

- 6:30 pm Opening remarks

- 7:00 pm 3-point shootout

- 8:00 pm Skills challenge

- 8:55 pm Closing remarks


- 9:40 am to 3:35 pm games

Participant Cost: $95.00

- Players will participate in a minimum of 3, 15-minute Games

- 3:45 pm showcase game Middle School Showcase (Players 1-20) -- SILVER Level

- 4:45 pm showcase game High School Showcase (Players 21-40) -- GOLD Level

- 5:45 pm showcase game High School Showcase (Players 1-20) -- PLATINUM Level

- Top 40 players will be selected to participate in event showcase games

- Most Outstanding Performers will be labeled as “Top Guns” - 7:15 pm Awards / Event closing

Game Live Stream