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Showcasing some of the best talent in the Southwest

Our Baseball Showcase Events

Both team and individual events, our showcases are designed to provide maximum exposure to participants.  Our goal:  showcasing the talent in the borderland, throughout Texas, and the entire southwest.


Unprecedented Exposure

College Workshops

As part of our events; players, parents, coaches, and all in attendance will have the opportuity to participate in college workshops to learn more about the recruiting process.

National Exposure

Teams and players participate in elite travel sports for exposure.  Our events reach over 50,000 people nationwide and over 10,000 viewers (college coaches included)


Teams come to our events to compete and to win.  Our beliefis that you play hard and you should be rewarded as such.  Both team and individual awards provided to the top teams.

Video Access

Leveraging technology to our advantage, participants are able to receive national exposure through video streaming

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Our 2020 Event Schedule

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Team and Individual Event Information

2020 Baseball Tournaments

Find out about our team events here.

2020 Individual Showcases


Find out about our individual player showcases here.

Starting in 2020, Sun City Showcase is proud to announce the addition of baseball tournaments and individual showcases to our family of events.  This has been 3 years in the making, but we are finally ready to roll out a product that we feel will provide unprecedented exposure for event participants.  Our intention is to provide a vehicle that will allow for both regional and national exposure for players in the Borderland, the state of Texas, and all of the Southwest.  We will accomplish this by taking these players and placing them right in the coaches office via video streaming, player evaluations, player rankings, on-site interviews and podcasts, and college workshops and seminars at each event.  We will reached out to regional coaching staffs and extended an invitation to come down and view in person the talent that that is available in the region.

Our goal is to make our baseball showcases in El Paso a must see stop for college coaches either in person or via our event video services.

Home of the next big hit

MLK Baseball Classic

17 - 19 January 2020

Cancer Prevention Baseball Showcase

TBP February 2020

Desert Baseball Showcase Series--

Spring Kick-off

TBP March 2020

Desert Baseball Showcase Series--

Spring Fling

TBP April 2020

Desert Baseball Showcase Series--

Spring Challenge

TBP May 2020

Desert Baseball Showcase Series-- Championships

TBP June 2020

Flex Series --

Summer Classic

TBP July 2020

Flex Series --

Summer's Last Stand Showcase

TBP August 2020

Flex Series --

Fall Classic

TBP September 2020

Flex Series --


TBP October 2020

Baseball Showcase Series

Individual Player Exposure Event

TBP June 2020