Sun City Showcase

2018 marked our first year hosting the Sun City Showcase "Del Norte Shootout".  And like all of our events, this one did not disappoint.  With 4 division and 14 teams, we saw some really good competition across the board.  Congratulations to this years champions.  Who will take the crown in 2019!!

                                    9U Boys Champions                                                                  11U Boys Champions                    

                                      Team Bonafied                                                                                 Tarheels                   

                                    14U Boys Champions                                                                  14U Girls Champions                    

                                             Park Boyz                                                                           Rough Rider Hurricanes

Top Notch Experience

Here's why:

Our goal is to create an atmosphere where teams, players, coaches, parents, and spectators alike can call come and enjoy competitive basketball in a safe and enjoyable place.  The focus of our staff is on providing quality over quantity.  Through great service, quality facilities, and awesome teams from across the southwest, we look to make this top of the line experience for all participants.

Live Stream

20 - 23 March 2020

El Paso, TX