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Softball Showcase

Showcasing the talent of the Southwest

About Sun City Showcases' Softball Showcases

Showcasing the high school talent throughout Texas, and the entire southwest



Practice like a champion

Over the past 3 years, Sun City Showcase has focused on boys and girls basketball with the plan of always adding softball to our showcase events in 2018.  With the 2018 Fall Softball Showcase, our intention is to provide a vehicle that will allow for both regional and national exposure for players in the Borderland, the state of Texas, and all of the Southwest.  We will accomplish this by taking these players and placing them right in the coaches office via video streaming, player evaluations, and player rankings.  Since this event will take place during the NCAA contact period, we have reached out to regional coaching staffs and extended an invitation to come down and view in person the talent that that is available in the region.

Our goal is to make our softball showcases in El Paso must see stops for college coaches either in person or via our event video services.

Player Assessments

Players will receive assessments based off position that will be used in determining their positional ranking.

Showcase Games

Players will have the opportunity to showcase their skills via on field game play for college coaches nationally.

Player Evaluations

Participants will be evaluated on their performs throughout the showcase.  This will include positional skill work and games.

Video Access

Leveraging technology to our advantage, participants are able to receive national exposure through video streaming


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Watch skill work and player evaluation games here


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Sun City Showcase

Player positional skill work -- Coming Soon!!



Pitchers / Catchers

Evaluation / Showcase Games

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Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

2019 Softball Showcase

2019 Fall Softball Showcase

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October 2019


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Softball Showcases

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October 2019